In this PDF I am offering a few techniques and materials to create meaningful mandalas that you can color in, plus a journal writing prompt on how to start understanding the value of, healthy boundaries.


Geodes are my favorite metaphor at the moment. They are boring "gray rocks" at first glance, however, if you were to slice it in half, you would find all of these beautiful crystals.

This is how I want to move through my life, as "gray rock" as a way of being. I no longer feel a need to make a run for it in the face of narcissism, toxic people, and straight up, pure evil. I imagine being a geode.


I have a solid gray surface and just look like a boring gray rock in the face of a toxic person. On the inside however, I have all of these beautiful crystal formations that only I know about, and have direct access to.


What a superpower to always be sitting quietly within myself, mindful, impervious, and simply, unbothered.

I am a Geode: Boundary Setting Through Mandalas