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The Inner Compass Online Art Project


What is it exactly? 


This online art project is hosted for FREE on Teachable.com with a PDF, an MP3 narration, and video instruction.


Why enroll in this art project?


Enrollment in The Inner Compass Online Art Project is FREE and intended to help people suffering in silence to explore trauma through creative expression. 


There are 3 reasons why it is important to complete The Inner Compass Online Art Project before booking a life coaching session:


1) I want to introduce you to Therapeutic Art Life Coaching as offered in my coaching programs. I have used my Art Therapy training to develop this project and it is my passion in life.


My life coaching style is essentially a blend of Art Therapy and Mindfulness techniques to help you get from point A to point Z using your creativity. 


2) This art project combines colors, shapes, mandalas, and the human body. Add emotion, thought, mood, and memory, and what an awesome template to build from in your next creation!


We want that inner child to feel seen and heard, especially right now!


3) We can use the finished artwork in our first coaching session as an ice-breaker and develop custom creative projects to help you navigate through one major life area at a time.


The truth is, you already have the answers to life's most perplexing circumstances inside yourself. It is my job to help you find them using your creativity, and good old, intuition.